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Hey Lana... I think I might have to postpone our next visit. I'm all bunged up from a bloody summer cold... Don't worry though! I've been drinking Emergen-C and it's not that bad, I just don't want to risk you catching it too and then passing it around the whole prison.

... N-Nothings been going around in there, right? Because I can drop by with some extra Emergen-C, or Airborne if you like that better. I don't mind.

I mean, I still really want to visit. I've got my whole school schedule worked out now, and I know you were interested in hearing about that last time.

...... In fact, never mind what I said earlier. I'll still drop by like I'd planned on..! The incubation period for a cold normally lasts only five days or so, I'm pretty sure, so I'm probably okay to go out now anyways.
... I think I may have gotten a bit spoiled while oversea. I forgot how summer time is in LA. And to think, just last year I was complaining about the heat when it was barely touching 80°.

Anyways, has anyone heard of the new Steel Samurai cards they're going to be releasing tomorrow? I guess there's some event going down at Brave New World Comics. I kind of want to buy a few packs, not that my collection is anything amazing to begin with.

Oh- and Mr. Armando, I'm planning a visit with Lana this week. I can bring by some ice coffee if you're interested.

[Screened to Klavier]


Want to go watch fireworks tonight? They're pretty much pyrotechnic optical science, afterall.
Soo... I might be seeing you sooner than we had planned on, Mr. Edgeworth~ 

I finally just bought my day pass for the convention next to your's! So who knows, maybe we'll (definitely) bump into each other!

Not like I have a lot of spare cash, but I'm hoping to get some cute Pink Princess stuff while I'm there. For a fan, I gotta admit my collection of memorabilia is pretty scrawny.

[Scene: Ema and Klavier in: Homecoming]

Takes place this evening, around 7pm after Ema's flight lands.

"I'll say the lines from dark until light...

but I'm wondering, will you ask me in?"Collapse )
Well, I'm almost done packing up the last of my bags! I've only been here for a little less than two years, but with all this stuff I've gotten over time, it feels more like forever. I'm pretty positive all of it will fit in my room back home though- I mean, scientifically speaking, if I can fit this stuff in a tiny guest room I can manage in a full sized bedroom, right?

After seeing Mr. Edgeworth on my last vacation I realized how much I really missed being home... So... all in all it's not such a terrible thing to come back on such sour notes. I don't think it'll be a big deal or anything, Lana misses me after all, and I have such a small amount of time left in school that it doesn't matter if I transfer back there now or whatever. In fact, studies have been done that show school in the states is totally easier than over here, so I'm not worried.

I... really wish Lana could be there to meet me at the airport when I get back for good. I'm making plans to visit her asap once I'm home, but still... I just miss her like crazy.

I'll be flying home in just two days. My flight should be getting in at around 7pm (#BA2491A for my own reference), which means it's going to be a fight to get a taxi- ugh. I won't miss flying from you, LAX.

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